The charm of Sardinia in three different time … Villa Las Tronas Private Residence Club

Staying at the villa

Each club member will be entitled to 3 holidays of 9 days each (or multiples thereof) per year, sub-divided as follows:

_Orange period: June to September

_Green period:   October, March, April and May

_Sky-blue period: November to February

Within the aforementioned periods, the days available to each member will vary over time in a regular, uniform way. 

As such, you can enjoy different experiences, savouring the unique fascination of Sardinia at various times of the year.

The owners of the apartments can decide to swap their stays on condition that they give at least 60 days' notice prior to the start of the subsequent period.

The following table exemplifies how the stays can be split up during the Orange, Green and Sky-blue periods amongst the members of the Club (letters A - N).

Naturally, members are permitted to swap and to “purchase” stays amongst themselves.

Private Residence Club